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NGBC 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2018 National Gift Basket Conference! It was a pleasure meeting you all! Below you will find links to download my presentations as well as products listed on Amazon to make your product photography a success. The products that I have listed are what is currently available. I have not used any of the listed items and so I would recommend reading the reviews and descriptions carefully! 

Product list:


3 light set $199.95


3 light set $159.00


1 light set $41.99 (you will need 3)


Adjustable background stand $31.90


Adjustable background stand $99.99 (heavier weight and made for smaller spaces)


Savage Seamless background paper 53” ($40.99)


6ft folding table $46.81


Spring Clamps 10 pack $9.99 (to hold paper in place and keep the roll from unrolling while photographing)


Examples of printed backgrounds

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